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Emergency Shelter for Men

The men who stay at our shelter are in need of a safe place to sleep and for someone to care. All of our guests are provided comfortable beds and a place to store their personal items without fear of theft in the night. They can rest easy knowing that we will keep them safe from the violence and uncertainty that takes place on the street at night.

Every night, we offer these men the chance to hear God's Word in our chapel services and provide them dinner in our Cafe!

Our guests can stay for up to 90 days in our Emergency Shelter, excluding the winter months, then must be out for 60 days. This time can be exended by becoming a part of our long-term life change program, the Journey of Hope.


Our shelter services are provided on a first come, first serve basis, when available.
If you are in need of a bed in our shelter, please call our office after 10AM Monday through Friday.

Open 365 days a year - Sunday thru Saturday

6:00PM thru 7:30AM