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Emergency Shelter for Women and Mothers with Children

 Can you imagine . . . ?

It's not easy to walk into an emergency shelter for the first time.  But life circumstances often force women with no place to go to swallow their fear and pride, so they can escape the dangers on the streets and an abusive relationships.

When they enter our shelter, all of our guests are provided with basic needs that everyone deserves: a comfortable bed, fresh linens, shower facilities and personal care items. A respite area for quiet reading, monthly movie nights, and birthday parties are also offered, because some of our guests have never experienced a true birthday party. We strive to provide a loving environment while encouraging these women to take the steps needed to get them on the path to independence.

Along with those basic comforts, nightly Chapel Services are provided to our guests.  Chapel services are designed to offer encouragement and support to people who have had their lives turned upside down, or who may have never heard the Word before from someone they know and trust.

Women and children can choose to enter into our life change program, the Journey of Hope, after they stay in the Emergency Shelter.

Homelessness Doesn't Discriminate Based on Age

Homelessness is never easy, but for children it is always more difficult.  When children come in with their mothers, every effort is made to ease the pain, fear and anxiety that go with being homeless.  Whether their stay is for a few days or several months, children find themselves in a warm, family-like atmosphere.  This is a new experience for some children who may be used to relying on solely their mother, or even themselves.


Our shelter services are provided on a first come, first serve basis, when available.
Guests can stay for up to 90 days, then must leave for 60 days. 
During cold weather months, Jan-March, the stay may be extended.
If you are in need of a bed in our shelter, please call our office after 10AM Monday through Friday.

Open 365 days a year - Sunday thru Saturday

6:00PM thru 7:30AM