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Journey of Hope


HALO Journey of HOPE program to open to guest staying in our shelter.  This life-change program is based on Christian principles.  This is a six to twelve month intensive program including seventeen weeks of foundations classes, budgeting classes, parenting classes, bible study, and mandatory community service for all participants.

A life coach is there to mentor and encourage the participant through their journey, helping them, holding them accountable, and encouraging them to push through the program and see what the Lord has waiting for them at the end. A graduation ceremony, complete with cap and gown, is held when participants have completed the program. They are given a Home At Last voucher to assist in helping to furnish their new home which they can spend in our Bargain Center. Several graduates have even become volunteers in the shelters, Café and Thrift ministry.

If you would like to be a Life Coach or Instructor for this life changing ministry, click here

Joyce Graduation